Luís Afonso


Why hire Out of Paper? Instead of just talking about ourselves, we think is more useful to hear what others have to say.  We want to offer an outSTANDING experience to everyone who works with us. 


What they say about us 

Sergio Abdon, O Globo newspaper

" Out of Paper´s work has given O Globo opportunities in new markets, new content and always with a strong sense of partnership" 

Dirk Niepoort, wine creator

"She has this uncommon depth combined with willingness, energy and strength to make things happen, that is not so common"

Jorge monteiro, ViniPortugal's CEO

"She is a negotiator who is not always easy, but who goes all the way to make sure everybody on the table wins. This is not a very common attitude"

Clara Almeida Santos, Vice-President, Universidade de Coimbra

   "Out of Paper thinks out-of-the box because it brings    new ideas far beyond what was initially planned. We         experienced this very thing" 

Adriana Calcanhotto, composer, author

"She is bridging the gap between Brazil and Portugal, in a new way. She managed to renew Brazilian interest in Portugal."

Nuno Pacheco, newspaper Público's founder

"She is capable of leading projects to completion, without compromise. Simone is a person who never gives up."


Sónia Matos, público's art director 

"She is extremely sociable and has outstanding communication skills. She can get everyone working with her and enjoying it" 



Some of the events under Público newspaper´s brand expansion to Brazil.