Out of paper and into real life

Out of Paper is a communications company. It stemmed from its founder realization that communicating in the digital age is creating unique moments.

Out of Paper wants to keep the conversation going to build communities which are fundamental to brand awareness in the digital era.

Out of Paper is here to build bridges between people, institutions, and companies from countries on both sides of the Atlantic or anywhere else in the world

Who wants another press release after all?

To communicate accurately, and in a fun, innovative way. Who wants another press release after all? We work mainly in areas such as art/culture, the wine sector, technology, film making/multimedia, brand creation and business. The highly diverse background of Out of Paper’s founder makes her capable of putting together teams who conceive and carry out projects which become unique and defining experiences. Her network of contacts in various countries strengthens the company’s presence in different areas of the world. Out of Paper literally means getting things off paper and making them a reality. That is our strong suit: to transform ideas into reality, to make it happen, wherever it might be.


To communicate a brand beyond borders

We offer communications services tailored to the digital age, and which are particularly effective in promoting a brand outside its country of origin´s borders. We believe that the impact of projects, brands, institutions and ideas can be maximized when we combine communication and knowledge of the local media and audience.